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Workshop: UN-SPIDER capacity building workshop in Bhutan

UN-SPIDER, UNDP and the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) (Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs) of Bhutan conducted a follow up activity and training workshop as a next step after the UN-SPIDER Technical Advisory Mission (TAM) to Bhutan, which took place in June 2014.

With joint funding from UN-SPIDER and UNDP, the follow up activity was organized from 17-20 August 2015 on landslide hazard mapping, risk and vulnerability assessment and took place in Thimphu, Bhutan.

I provided a full day training workshop on:

  • concepts of risk and vulnerability
  • examples and showcases on assessing vulnerability under a holistic framework
  • generic workflow in developing spatial composite indices
  • hands-on exercise for an exemplary social vulnerability index to landslides for Bhutan

Further information is available on the UN-SPIDER website.


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