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Papers: Special Issue on HEALTHY FUTURES

A special issue of the journal Geospatial Health (Vol. 11/no. 1 – provides insights on the HEALTHY FUTURES project and its results. Together with the coordinator of the project I had the pleasure to co-edit this special issue.

The special issue comprises 12 articles on the FP7 funded project, that has been completed a few months ago. The project aimed at developing a disease risk mapping system for three water–related, high-impact VBDs (malaria, Rift Valley fever and schistosomiasis) in Eastern Africa, taking into account environmental/climatic trends and changes in socio-economic conditions to predict future risk.

I contributed to the following papers:

  • Bizimana, J.P., Kienberger, S., Hagenlocher, M., Twarabamenye, E., 2016. Modelling homogeneous regions of social vulnerability to malaria in Rwanda. Geospatial Health 11(s1):404,
  • Taylor, D., Hagenlocher, M., Jones, A.E., Kienberger, S., Leedale, J., Morse, A.P., 2016. Environmental change and Rift Valley fever in eastern Africa: projecting beyond HEALTHY FUTURES. Geospatial Health 11(s1):387,
  • Taylor, D., Kienberger, S., Malone, J.B., Tompkins, A.M., 2016. Health, Environmental Change and Adaptive Capacity; Mapping, Examining and Anticipating Future Risks of Water-Related Vector-Borne Diseases in Eastern Africa. Geospatial Health 11(s1):464,

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