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Methods for the Improvement of Vulnerability Assessment in Europe






Funding: EC FP7

Duration: 10/08 – 12/11


MOVE intended to

  • create knowledge, frameworks and methods for the assessment of vulnerability to natural hazards in Europe.
  • use indices and indicators to help improve societal and environmental resilience placing emphasis on clear, capable measurement and accounting for uncertainties.
  • identify gaps in existing methodologies.
  • produce a conceptual framework that is independent of scale and hazard type.
  • analyse physical, technical, environmental, economic, social, cultural and institutional vulnerability measured for specific hazards and at different geographical scales.
  • study floods, temperature extremes, droughts, landslides, earthquakes, wildfires and storms.
Specific research input:
  • Development of a new, consolidated risk and vulnerability framework
  • Assessment of vulnerability to floods in the Salzach catchment for the social, economic, institutional and cultural dimension
  • Compilation of a manual for stakeholders on vulnerability assessment
  • Editing of a methodological compendium with Elsevier

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